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hey, i'm jackie


welcome to my chicago based blog! my feed is filled with fashion, fitness food & fun so thanks for following! 

as an actress & model there's a lot of waiting, waiting for another audition, waiting for a callback (or not) waiting to hear if you booked the job (or not) 

this blog is about enjoying the the everyday

(even the waiting) 

as my momma always says it's about the journey, not the destination 

i'm no top chef, health guru, fitness fanatic, fashionista, makeup artist, chicago tour guide or travel critic.... 

but i eat (healthyish), workout, put clothes & makeup on my body, explore chicago & travel from time to time

so i'm sharing some some tips & tricks i have learned along the way, and am still learning, that help me enjoy the everyday!

i hope this blog inspires you to enjoy your everyday life a little more, and maybe even try something new 

feel free to follow me on instagram for more of my everyday journey @jackiesaland