My Birth Story!

Long Story Short: Induced, Vaginal, Epidural, Didn’t Poop!


I was 41 weeks and 3 days pregnant when we finally got to meet our daughter. I was induced, so we went in to start our hospital stay on Wednesday evening to have a ripening agent (cervidil) put up there overnight & honestly it did nothing for me.

So the next morning (Thursday) we started pitocin, which causes your contractions to really begin, well by 3:30pm they REALLY began. 

Going into this I was on the fence about having an epidural or not. I hate needles & medicine in general and thought I could do it naturally… I still believe I could and can but that pitocin is a game changer. It made the contractions so strong that I wanted that epidural immediately but I wasn’t dilated enough for one yet. They offered me numerous other kinds of medications to ease the pain but I only felt comfortable getting an epidural if anything.

Sal and I walked the hospital halls ~ walking through contractions makes them a million times more bearable than sitting, and by around 10pm (yep, super painful contractions from 3pm to 10pm) the pitocin & the walking ~ hello gravity ~ had done its job and I was dilated enough to get an epidural.

I was terrified to get an epidural but the kind man who did it was a pro! I did feel the weird electrical tingles down my right thigh when he was putting it in and I had to not move while I was still having contractions but breathing and squeezing the shit out of Sal’s hand. Once he was done I immediately started to not feel the pain of the contractions. 

Around 11pm they told us to try to get some sleep, we told our loved ones to leave the waiting room, labor wouldn’t be happening until the next day they thought. So we went to bed. 

Well.. the epidural relaxed me so much that the pitocin was able to do its job and I got woken up at 12am Friday morning by our amazing nurse saying I was 10cm dilated and it was time to push.

Real Talk: I freaked the f*^%> out. I started shaking and was purely terrified. Sal made it all ok, he helped me breath and calmed me down. I was just following Sals breathing guidance as I watched them bring in the bed to put the baby in and as the bright lights came on and the nurse came in and had me start “pushing” which she pretty much explained as trying to poop (for the record I didn’t poop!) 

I started pushing at 1:15am and our beautiful baby girl was born at 2:02am. She was more than worth it all!